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Spring Text Reviews

Curriculum Conversations 

Children had really enjoyed the books they had read this half term particularly Year 6 who loved the mix of fact and fiction in the book. They had particularly enjoyed: Action and description, reactions (Show not tell) and the helpful prompts for character development etc. They were very animated about their work and clearly enjoyed English lessons.


Children were proud of lots of their work: Independent writes were a big hit! (Children loved the opportunities to put into practice everything they had learned and show off their skills) Writing in response to different media, clips etc. Scaffolded writes speech editing activities where work has been improved. They said they were proud because they had tried really hard, made good vocabulary decisions using prompts, followed the success criteria and been given useful feedback to improve their writing.


When asked where they could look or go to get help with the writing children said: The Working Wall, Feedback, Notes, Tool kits, The model, other children’s work and the success criteria. Children had a clear idea about their audience and purpose for writing.