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This is a successful school and every child plays their part in making it so. We aim for an environment which enables and encourages all pupils to achieve their potential and aspire to excellence. For our children to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and every child should be at school, on time, every day the school is open unless they have an unavoidable reason to be absent. Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning. Absence or late arrival also disrupts teaching routines and so may affect the learning of others in the same class. Government research shows a direct link between attendance and attainment and good attenders also make better progress socially, learn to work with others, and are better prepared for the transition to secondary school and, eventually, higher education, training and employment. It is very important therefore that you make sure that your child attends regularly and this policy sets out how together we will achieve this. Our attendance target this year is 96%, but all pupils should strive to achieve 100% attendance if they can.

Attendance Awards!

Each week, the class with the highest attendance will be awarded a certificate and the attendance trophy!

The certificate will be displayed on the classroom door, and the trophy kept in class for the following week. smiley