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Sports Reports

Year 2/3 Rossendale Sports Partnership Fun Football Festival- Written by Jack - Class 5 (Sports Ambassador)

On Tuesday, eight children from year two and three went to a fun football festival at The Valley Leadership Academy.

We did some training before we did a big competition.


When we were doing training, we did attackers and defenders. When the year twos were attacking they kept scoring goals in the year threes. Then we switched around so the year threes were attackers and the year twos were defenders and we saved some goals.


Then we did the match against another school and we won 3-0. Seb and Quinn scored the goals. Seb scored and Quinn scored 1. I was the goalie and I saved some goals.


We had a lot of fun and we want to say thank you to Mrs Capstick and Mr Bell for coming with us.

Year 5/6 Rossendale Sports Partnership Girls Football Tournament - Written by Kate - Class 10

Last Friday, 8 of our year 5 and 6 girls attended The Valley Leadership Academy to take part in the Rossendale Sports Partnership Year 5 and 6 Girls Tournament. It was a fantastic afternoon and very exciting. 


Our girls team was Carys, Marnie, Ava, Isabel, Matilda, Niley, Nevaeh and myself. 


Oure first game was against Thorn and we played brilliantly. Thorn scored first but we held our nerve and Ava scored to make the final score 1-1.


The second game was against St Hanes the Less. We marked our players well and the game ended 0-0. We had lots of encouragement from our teachers Miss Crossley and Ms Pugh and other family members and friends. 


The next game was against St Annes, another brilliant game. This game allowed us to play in the semi-finals against St Peters.


This was a nail biter of a game. St Peters scored first but we fought back and in the final minutes, Nevaeh scored. However, this led us to a nerve wracking penalty shootout!


Our wonderful goalkeeper Isabel saved 2 goals. All three chosen penalty takers were amazing, and this resulted in us winning third place in the competition against St Peters. 


We were awarded with certificates and a medal. We are very proud of ourselves and our school badge.


Year 3/4 Rossendale Sports Partnership Football Tournament - Written by Adie - Class 8 (Sports Ambassador)

Hello, my name is Adie and I played in the year 3/4 football competition, alongside Daniel our keeper, Alfie our DM and our sub goalie, Ellie our LB, Karter our RB, Summer our LW and our RW Elliot S. The team played very, very well to get through to the finals The defenders blocked the shots and tackled, especially Alfie and Ellie. The wingers played lots of fantastic balls through tot me an there wasn’t a part when we didn’t stop trying and we were a very good team together. Some of the saves were just outstanding and they were all by mini LLoris, I mean Daniel and Alfie.

The teams we played were good but not better than us. We played against Broadway and Holy-Trinity. The first game was against Broadway and we had a few chances and so did the opponent. We couldn’t find that power to get us in the lead. It finished 0-0. The next game was against Holy-Trinity and we found out they were very good. They were strong and physical. We all tried our hardest but we couldn’t score, until I scored a very good goal in the bottom corner and in the end we won 1-0. We couldn’t of done it without Alfie, Ellie and Karter who were tackling machines. Then, we played Broadway again and we had played way better then last time. The tackling, the saves and the attacking was better, with some nice passes by Summer and great crosses by Elliot. Even Mrs. Hartland and Mrs. Wilkinson knew it. We also got 2 goals and came off the pitch with great big smiles on our faces, because we won 2-0.

Well, let’s get to the final game against Holy-Trinity. We were definitely looking like we could score. So I tackled someone and had a run, but there was a defender coming at me so I looked for a pass and saw one, so there was 3 defenders in a line and there was Daniel in a tiny gap. I passed it just in front of him and he ran onto it, he kept on running and smashed it in the bottom corner. 1-0. Right at the end we were on the attack again. The defender looked really strong and got the ball He passed it tot eh striker and he went to the edge of the box and absolutely smashed it in the top corner! 1-1. Then the horn went. Full time. We had drawn 1-1. We all needed to go in the middle of the pitches. The person announced who had got through to the finals. The teams were Stubbins, Helmshore and CRAWSHAWBOOTH! We had got through to the final and we couldn’t have done it without Mrs. Hartland, Mrs. Wilkinson and Miss. Crossley. Well done the Year 3/4 Football team.

Year 5/6 Rossendale Sports Partnership Football Tournament - Written by Seth - Class 9 (Sports Ambassador)

On Monday, a group of year five and six went to The Valley Leadership Academy to play a football tournament. We played in a group of four teams. After three games, we had conceded five goals and scored zero goals. After all the games we placed fourth out of fourth. Lost four, drew zero, won zero. But it was the first time we had played together and we couldn't have done it without Mr Bell and Miss Dean.


On the first game we lost 1-0 by conceding in the early minutes by a bottom corner goal and we really didn't have any clear cut opportunities. 


On the second game, we lost 4-0 but they were a good team and we could have scored but we hit the cross bar and post.


On the last game it was really close and both us and the other team came so close but in the final seconds they just scored. It ended up 1-0 to them.


Even though we lost all the games, I was really happy and proud of the team and I am sure they are all proud too. 

Crawshawbooth Under 11s Football Tournament at The Leisure Box - Written by Joe - Class 9 (Sports Ambassador)

On Thursday, some of our Year fives and sixes represented our school in a football tournament at The Leisure Box. We played four teams in the competition. They were all very good and difficult to beat. 


Our first game was the second match of the tournament and it was against Mr Willan's old school, Water Primary. It was a great game that could have gone either way, but in the end, they beat us 1-0. It could have been about 4-0 if it wasn't for our keeper, Seth, who stepped up and made some fantastic saves in goal.


Our second game was against St. Mary's. They were a great team and the score ended 3-0 to them. We were all very disappointed because our team effort had been fantastic and we never gave up. 


Our third game was a good one for us. Despite our opponents putting up a brilliant fight, we ended up winning the game 5-0 with a hat trick from Asa. 


Our last match was against the team who ended up winning the group and going through to the finals. It was a great battle from the moment the game kicked off with both teams making chances but unfortunately, the the last few minutes of the match they scored and we lost the game.


Despite our loses, we fought hard and tried our best right until the end. We finished the tournament in fourth place and held our heads up high because we knew we had worked hard as a team.