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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Where can I get help?


If you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, for whatever reason, please don't try to cope alone. There are lots of people who can help you. Talk to a trusted adult. This can be someone at home, someone at school or even an adult you know and trust like your football coach, swimming teacher, Brownie or Cub leader, etc. You are never alone - there is always someone who can help you.


There are also lots of websites and organisations that can help children and young people if you feel worried or are struggling to cope. Here are some of them:

February Half Term 9 Day Challenge


Look after your wellbeing this half term by taking part in the February Half Term 9 Day Challenge!

Children's Mental Health Week - wc 1st February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week is Children's Mental Health Week. The mental health of our children is important at any time, but particularly so in these difficult times.

To help, I will be posting activities on Dojo for you and your children to complete. These are completely optional but are a fun way to promote emotional wellbeing in your family. If you do complete any of the activities, we would love to see them! Please send a photo or video to your child's class teacher so that we can celebrate their efforts.

Things you can do at home to promote wellbeing include:
Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise;
Staying in touch with family and friends - phone calls and video calls can really help us feel connected when we can't be together;
Limiting screen time;
Spending time together - cuddle up and read a book, do some arts and crafts, take the dog for a walk and a chat, do some baking, watch a favourite film, whatever you like to do;
Eat a healthy and varied diet;
Get plenty of sleep;
Talk to your child about what's going on, keeping communication as open as you can;
Try to answer your child's questions and reassure them in an age appropriate manner;
Reassure them that this will pass, you're there for them, and you will get through this together;
Keep as many routines going as possible to help your child feel safe and secure.

If you or your child are struggling, please reach out. We will do what we can to help. The following websites and organisations can also assist:

Stay safe everyone, and take care.
Mrs Clark.

A message from HRH The Duchess of Cambridge


Children's mental health begins with us. To mark Children's Mental Health Week, the Duchess of Cambridge has sent a message of support encouraging children and parents to find ways to share their thoughts and feelings, particularly during such a challenging time.