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Year 3 & 4

Good afternoon children. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I will post work daily on this page for Class 7 children who are isolating.



Tuesday 20th October 2020

Tuesday 20th October 2020

English 20th October 2020

Today we are writing part three of our Paddington story. Below is my model to help you. Remember good authors steal ideas, so feel free to choose and use my sentences if you need to. Try and include some direct speech. 


Ten minutes later, Paddington was unceremoniously dumped in a cage with a group of  bewildered bears. They looked him up and down and sniffed him. The cheek of it! Paddington tried to get the attention of the keepers by waving his arms and shouting loudly but they were too busy to notice, as the huge lorry had arrived.
"This way mate!" the keepers motioned to the driver directing him closer to the cage. 
Meanwhile, the Browns had been searching the whole zoo for Paddington and Judy was beginning to get upset. 
"Where can he be?" she howled. "I can't believe we have lost him, just as we had found him!"
Suddenly she spied Paddington peering sadly through the bars of the cage.
"Oh my goodness Paddington!" exclaimed Judy. "How did you end up in there?"
"It was a mistake," Paddington replied.
"We must find a way to get you out of that cage," Judy cried. "I can't bear to see you locked up!"
" Yes please do," moaned Paddington. "My tummy is starting to rumble and my hard stare isn't working. I think I might be on the menu instead."
"Leave it to me," answered Judy, striding off in the direction of the keeper's door.
"Hurry back!" Paddington called after her.

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Today in RE the children in Class 7 are going to create some Rangoli patterns. Look at some of the examples below and have a go yourself. Be Creative!

Monday 19th October 2020

Monday 19th October 2020

Today in English we are writing the second part of our Paddington story. Re-read what you wrote last time and write on! Check out my model below to help you.


After a while, Paddington noticed everyone staring at him with less than kind eyes. He wondered why. Then he heard a notice over the speaker.
"A bear has escaped from the enclosure. Please make your way to the exit and do not panic." a voice said.
Paddington didn't want to meet a wild bear so he started towards the exit looking out for the Browns on the way. All around him were people pushing, screaming and pointing and this began to scare Paddington. He had the feeling that the bear was right behind him. Paddington hadn't realised they were screaming and pointing at him! They thought he was the wild bear. It wasn't until the net went over his head that he began to understand what had happened. 
"Quick! lead him back to the enclosure. The lorry will soon be here to take the bears to Bristol and if he's not there the manager will want to know why we are one bear short." said the keeper.
"Short," thought Paddington, "I'm the perfect size for a bear from darkest Peru." 


Monday 19th October 2020

This afternoon we are learning numbers to ten in French. See if you can find a way to practise them on the internet!

Friday 16th October 2020

Today in class we will be completing tasks built around complex sentences. Have a go at the task below.

Friday 16th October

Maths Friday 16th October

The lesson of Doom!

It's Friday so we are doing computing this afternoon- The lesson of doom! Have a go at practising some coding activities on Free Code Gibbon on Purple mash. Can you work out how to use an 'if' statement. Check out the code below to give you a starting point! Good luck!


Thursday 15th October 2020


Today in Class 7 we are writing the beginning of our Paddington story. Check out my model below to see how I have started mine! See if you can write the beginning of your story. Can you include a complex sentence?


It was going to be an exciting day! Paddington was off to the zoo with the Brown family. He had won free tickets after he entered a painting competition (by accident), and was awarded the first prize. He was very excited and couldn't wait to meet all the animals at the zoo. When they arrived, Paddington took off his coat and hat and handed them to the lady in the ticket office. He had mistaken her for the cloakroom attendant! Without waiting for her to thank him, Paddington entered the zoo and began to explore. It wasn't long before the Browns couldn't find him anywhere. Paddington was having way too much fun to worry about them. He was more interested in the enormous tigers, roaring lions and cheeky meerkats!

Maths 15th October 2020

In maths today we are creating a bar chart of our favourite fruits in class. See if you can collect some information about favourite foods in your household and create a bar chart. Check out the example below to help you!

Bar Chart

Thursday 15th October

This afternoon we will be learning a little more about the Celts. See if you can do some research and create a fact sheet about who they were and how they lived.

Wednesday 14th October 2020


Science- 14th October 2020

This afternoon in science we are investigating different rocks in class. If you can find some rocks close to your home you can give the activity below a try. We will be investigating the different properties of the rocks we discover. See what you can find out too!

Tuesday 13th October 2020



Write a conversation between Paddington and one of the Brown family after the chaos has been discovered. You can choose your own idea or a chapter from the book to base your conversation around. Remember to follow the rules of direct speech. Check out the poster to help you!

Direct Speech Rules


Design a poster to inform others about how Diwali is celebrated.

Include the following information and remember to make your poster colourful and interesting to read. Good luck!



What do you know about Diwali?