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Year 2

Please find all online learning on Class Dojo. Check your emails for more details.

Friday 23rd October



Spelling test with i_e words. Result can be sent to Class5 email.



My own information booklet/page

Having completed our information booklet step by step through the week, we can now look at creating our own booklet/page. This is a big task so I will not be putting any afternoon work on. The task is to create a full information booklet about an animal of their choice. I find the National Geographic videos, like the ones below, extremely useful.

They can be reminded of the process used this week, but please simply let them collect the information themselves and create their own information booklet. Plus, you get a well-earned rest!

If you think this is overwhelming for the last day before half term, simply make a one page information page about an animal of their choice. 


When finished, read it through with them.



Today I would like the children to spend some time on Times Tables Rockstars to start.

Then visit This is the Top Marks website. There are lots of different activities to let your children try. As we have been doing addition and subtraction this week, the ‘Understand Addition’ and ‘Understand Subtraction’ sections are useful along with the ‘Skill Builders’ sections. Allow the children to select some of the sections to have a go on. Enjoy.


If you have managed to complete the work set this week, firstly well done – you deserve a medal. Secondly, the skills set this week mirrored what I would have done in class. Therefore, your child will have kept themselves up to date and ready to pick up after half term. Thank you all very much for sending work, supporting you child’s learning and hopefully enjoying some of the activities too.


Stay safe and keep healthy,


Mr Hartley.


Thursday 22nd October



Practise reading and writing words with the i_e split digraph spellings from Tuesday. Spelling test tomorrow.



Finishing touches

Today we will complete our booklet. You should now have 6 pages with a different section of writing on each. Today we will make it into a booklet.

  1. Create a front page and title for your information booklet. Remember to put your name on too. Some examples can be seen on the links:

  1. Next, number each page. Create a contents page that tells the reader where to find specific information for the 6 sections. 
  2. Move through the booklet adding small illustrations or interesting fact boxes about wolves.
  3. Sit back and read the booklet through and be very proud!!!



Starter: Times Tables Rockstars

Subtraction crossing 10 – part two

Watch Watch the video from 6 minutes and ten seconds to the end and complete the following missing number subtractions:

  1. 14 - ___ = 7
  2. 13 - ___ = 5
  3. 24 - ___ = 15
  4. 18 - ___ = 9
  5. 23 - ___ = 15




Write an email to a friend over Purple Mash through 2Email. Tell them about what you are looking forward to doing when you are out of isolation. I am looking forward to taking Seinna for a long walk to Pendle Hill. 



I have set a ToDo for the children to design their own houses with the flames in the background. I have also set a Mash Cam so the children can become Samuel Pepys.

Wednesday 21st October



Practise reading and writing words with the alternative pronunciation of the ow grapheme. Use words from Monday.



Sections of writing

If you sent any writing, you should have received feedback and the children can now use this to edit their work. After that, they can write the final three sections.



Subtraction crossing 10

Watch Watch the video to 6 minutes and ten seconds and complete the following subtractions:

  1. 15 - 7 =         5. 22 – 4 =
  2. 13 – 6 =        6. 21 – 5 =
  3. 21 – 9 =        7. 17 – 8 =
  4. 23 – 7 =        8. 27 – 9 =

Watch the remainder of the video in preparation for tomorrow.



GAME: This is the age-old game of Nim. For two players.




Samuel Pepys.

Watch Magic Grandad episode:

This episode jumps from present day to past and explores the Great Fire of London from a different perspective. The children are going to pretend that they are Samuel Pepys and they are going to write a diary entry describing the events of the Great Fire. Use your timeline to help with the main events.


I have set this as a ToDo on Purple Mash but if you prefer then it can be done on paper. You could also use some tea and stain it to make it look authentic.



I have set some ToDo sessions which are optional. It helps the children with their typing and shows the correct hand positions so they can learn to type quicker. 

Tuesday 20th October



This week we are learning i_e spellings for the test on Friday. Focus on the i_e split digraph in these words:

like             time

pine            ripe

shine          slide

prize           nice

invite          inside



Sections of writing

Today we move to the writing section. You will need the information gathered in the sections from last week. You could watch the videos again to refresh the information and give the children ideas for their sentence writing. 

For example, if the children had the heading and information:

The Wolf Family

6-10 wolves pack

Live hunt together

Leader is alpha male

Alpha female looks after pups

Warriors fight for food


They then need to arrange this information into sentences. If possible do an example for the children. Rehearse the sentence in your head and say it outloud. Does it need changing? Could I make it better? Write the sentence starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.


For example:

Wolves operate as a pack. This pack is usually made up of 6-10 wolves. The leader of the wolf pack is an alpha male...


Do three of the sections today. The focus should be on capital letters and full stops. If they can use a question or exclamation mark that would be brilliant. They can be sent to the Class5 email for feedback and tomorrow the children can make any changes and complete the final three sections.



Add a 2-digit and 1-digit number - crossing 10

Watch the video:

This is the second activity in the series from White Rose. It builds on yesterday’s work and also introduces missing numbers which many of the children find very difficult. Complete the questions below, finding the missing numbers in some. Children may need to use a number line to do this as shown in the video.

  1. 8 + ___ = 10            6. 33 + ___ = 42
  2. 14 + ___ = 20          7. 52 + 9 = ___
  3. 17 + 8 = ___            8. 24 + ___ = 38
  4. 15 + ___ = 22          9. ___ + 78 = 81
  5. ___ + 9 = 17            10. ___ + ___ = 54

11. There are 23 pride points in the Tiger’s tub. There are 8 in the Lion’s tub. How many pride points do Tigers and Lions have altogether?

12. James has 6 stickers and Daniel has some stickers too. They have a total of 15. How many stickers does Daniel have?


EXTRA:  NRICH activity




See the link to Oak National Academy. This online lesson focuses on using materials for specific objects and refreshes all previous learning. We have touched on materials for objects in class but this will help consolidate before we enter half term.

There is no investigation today but the children could record some parts on lined paper.

Monday 19th October



We are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the ow grapheme. Practise sorting words into lists by the way the ow grapheme is pronounced. Words: cow, owl, brown, crown, frown, low, bowl, snow, window, show. Can you think of any other words?



Pictures and captions

Today we start constructing our information booklet. We will create pictures with captions. I have attached an activity sheet below that has some matching activities. If you cannot print these, just allow them to find the picture that matches the caption. The children need to know that a caption explains what is shown in the picture. 


Take the grouped information from last week. You have 6 main titles:  Looks, The Wolf Family, Where It Lives, How It Moves, Animals It Lives Alongside and one more section of your choice.


Today the children will create a different picture and write a caption for each section. Allow children to work through the sections creating a picture with a caption as shown in the example below:

The pictures only need to be ¼ of A4 size. Use one picture and caption per page leaving space to write below. If you need pictures to copy simply so to one of the videos below:

Children can be left to do this independently. This will lead us nicely to the writing section tomorrow.



Add a 2-digit and 1-digit number - crossing 10


This video helps the children with their mental methods of adding by building on number bonds from last week. When you have watched the video, complete the activity sheet below. If you cannot print this out simply ask the children to write them on a piece of paper. Use jottings of tens and ones where needed. Feel free to add more and make the challenge appropriate.

EXTENSION: Visit This task is from NRICH, which is a brilliant site for problem solving.

Afternoon – PE

Throwing for accuracy.

We have been doing underarm accuracy throwing and throwing for distance in school. Set out a target game using a ball/small object. You could use pans of different sizes for the targets and give each pan a higher score the smaller they are. Have a game against them. Ask how the game could be adapted and let them adapt it accordingly and play again. The children are particularly good at adapting and changing rules. Closed eyes/backwards throwing – how do you have to change stance etc?



Practise using the diagonal join for these words:






Write each word (joined) in a sentence.

Friday 16th October

English – spelling test. Test your child on the following spellings and you can send their score to the class5 email.

these             Pete

Eve                 scene

even               complete

theme            extreme

gene               evening


Grouping information

  1. Using our information from yesterday, we will now organise our information. On a sheet of paper the children need to create 6 sections with a title for each. The titles are: Looks, The Wolf Family, Where It Lives, How It Moves, Animals It Lives Alongside and one more section of their choice. I have added a Word document if you have printing facilities, if not simply create the table on a blank sheet.
  2. The children can then take each piece of information from their mind map and rewrite it into the correct section of the grid.


This gives us our chunked information and will form part of our plan for next week's writing.


Starter: Use Times Tables Rockstars to practise multiplication tables.


Visit and watch 10 more 10 less.

Complete the activities attached which are different ways to represent ten more and ten less.


Follow the link:

This is a lesson from Oak National Academy. It covers waterproof materials (we have already done an investigation in class) and absorbent materials. It is better if you can do the practical activities but if you are working from home then the children can just watch and answer the questions during the video.


Any work can be sent to the Class5 email. Thank you for all your hard work and support over this period. 


The children can keep in touch with friends over Purple Mash email. The emails will always come to me first for approval. A great way to keep in touch with friends over this isolation period. 


Thursday 15th October


We are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the u grapheme.

Practise sorting words into lists by the way the u grapheme is pronounced in two different ways.

Words: plug, hump, but, gust, under, unit, unicorn, music, tuba, stupid, pull, bull, pudding, full, awful.


Starter – commas for lists (see PowerPoint below for activities)

Today we start our non-fiction text. The final outcome will be to create an information booklet about wolves and we will work towards this step by step.

  1. The children need to write Wolves in the middle of a sheet of paper.
  2. They then need to create a mind map to show what they already know about wolves. We have already done some words and vocab so they should have a good starting point with some ideas.




  1. Watch the clip from and add extra information found out from video. Words such as ‘pack’ and ‘alpha’ and their meaning. Note: At around minute 3 the video shows the wolves eating and there is a small amount of blood.  This video can also be used: and watch to ten minutes.
  2. If you have access to any other videos from Planet Earth or National Geographic or any animal information books, please use these and add to the mind map.


This will give us our information ready for tomorrow’s lesson.


Visit and watch the Know your Bonds video. There are points during the video that have a pause sign. Children can stop the video at these points and have a go at the question before pressing play to reveal the answer.

Below are some activity sheets that will allow the children practise their number bonds. The last activity is more challenging and covers the learning from the past two days.

Afternoon – Computing

Following the timeline theme work yesterday, we will use this to create a story on Purple Mash. The children have already been shown how to create a story using words and animations on ‘To Create a Story’.

I have set a ToDo for this work to be completed. The children need to create a set of pages to tell the story of The Great Fire of London from start to end. Their timeline will act as a plan for them to tell the main events. When submitted, it will be marked and feedback given.

Wednesday 14th October

Thank you to all parents who sent their children’s work through to the Class 5 email yesterday. Following our first parents meetings yesterday, some parents wanted a copy of the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words. I have added the file below. 


  1. Watch the clip from and add extra information found out from video. Words such as ‘pack’ and ‘alpha’ and their meaning. Note: At around minute 3 the video shows the wolves eating and there is a small amount of blood.  This video can also be used: and watch to ten minutes.
  2. If you have access to any other videos from Planet Earth or National Geographic or any animal information books, please use these and add to the mind map.

This will give us our information ready for tomorrow’s lesson.

The work for today is:

English – practise spellings in preparation for Friday test. They all have the e_e split digraph.  

these             Pete

Eve                 scene

even               complete

theme            extreme

gene               evening


Using commas for lists.

  1. Go through the ‘Commas in a list’ PowerPoint. This shows how commas can be used for lists and please make sure that the children know that the final item in a list does not need a comma as it uses the word ‘and’ instead. This is where the children tend to make a mistake.
  2. There are three different activities that the children can try. They are labelled 1-3, 1 being the easiest and 3 being more difficult. These can be copied onto a sheet of paper/lined book for practise writing sentences. 


Starter – draw a house/castle from 3 squares, 2 rectangles, 4 triangles and a circle. Ext: Add a pentagon shaped window.  

Visit and watch the Fact Families video. During the video it asks to do the worksheet – ignore this.

After watching the video, open the Word document below. The children need to use each diagram to write the addition and subtraction sentences that can be used to represent these models. The file contains an  example and then 5 part-part-whole diagrams below. 


Afternoon – Theme

We are currently studying the Great Fire of London. The children should now know when and where the fire started, some of the events through the fire and how people tried to put the fire out. I would like the children to create a timeline. This should start when the fire began and finish with the rebuild of London. They need to add small illustrations for each entry on the timeline. If they are struggling to remember all of the events, visit this site:

The children have played this game in class and it should help them remember some points they have forgotten. This will be used for our Computing work in the next couple of days.



Thank you all for your hard work!

Mr A Hartley. 

Class 5 bubble closure - 13/10/20


As you will now be aware, bubble 5 has closed temporarily due to a positive Coronavirus case. Therefore, I will be posting daily lessons on this page for you throughout the closure. There will be an English lesson, maths lesson and an afternoon lesson which will mirror closely our work in class. If you have any issues or need support, please contact me on the class 5 email: or call the school office. 


Parents meetings WILL still take place over Zoom tomorrow and Wednesday. If this changes, you will be notified. 


All the best and see you all soon. 


Mr A Hartley. 

Tuesday 13th October

Good morning, I hope you and the children are well. We are in another difficult situation, especially if you are working from home and have to juggle different roles . From our first lockdown I wanted to reassure you of a couple of things. 


Firstly, this is temporary and we will get back to school soon. Secondly, the work on here is a guide. If you are feeling unwell, or you cannot complete the work, please do not worry - the health of your family comes first. Finally, communication is vital - if you feel the work is too much, too little, you need a text book or any other issues at all, contact me on the class5 email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Alternatively, contact the school office.


Once again, we are in this together. We have had a brilliant start to the year and we must ensure it continues. 


The work for today follows: 

English: Last week we completed our story based on the book The Way Home for Wilf. After marking these, a couple of issues came up across all the pieces of work. Therefore, our first session today is capital letters and full stops. See the links below to find:

1. The capital letters PowerPoint 

2. Three activity sheets that the children can work through.



Rockstars - visit and allow the children time to practise their given times tables. Some of the children are quite good already so their task is to work on speed. 

Measure - we have been looking at the weight and length of items in the last week. Today we are comparing items and describing this difference using the words lighter, heavier, shorter, longer. 

Ask the children to collect 10 items from around the house. They must use the stem sentence and fill it in for different items:

The ________ is ________ than the ________.

The sock is longer than the chip.


To extend, you could write some sentences yourself and make some mistakes. The children must find the mistakes. 


Afternoon - PE

We have PE on a Monday. We have been looking at rolling, throwing and catching. The children can practise rolling to a target in your home. If you do not have a ball, you could use a different item. The children have also been playing games with tactics, they should be able to show you one of the games. 



We are currently practising the diagonal join. The children will know hoe to join these words. They can practise two lines of each word:

1. all

2. small

3. din

4. dint

5. lime

Some children are focusing on their letter formation rather than  their joins. If this is the case, they do not need to join the letters together.