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Come and meet the staff at our school.





MRS D BONNEY  –  Headteacher, Safeguarding, ELAC, Extended Services, Outside Agencies, Staff Management and appraisal, Health and Safety, Premises Management, Monitoring of Teaching and Learning standards, Assessment.

Mrs N HOLDEN  – Acting Deputy Headteacher,  Curriculum lead, Pupil Premium, Backup safeguarding.

MRS A HARTLAND  –  Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, English Subject Leader, Teacher for Class 7, Community Cohesion, Student training and Volunteers Co-ordinator

MR M WILKINSON  –  Upper Key Stage 2 Leader, Outdoor Curriculum Leader, Maths Subject Leader, Gifted and Talented Leader, EVC lead, Remote Learning lead & Teacher for Class 10


SENCO - Ms C Perkins as from 01/09/21





Class 1 - Mrs J Warren – RE, Equality Subject Leader, Foundation Stage Lead.

Class 2 - Mrs Clark -  PSHE, School Council and RSE Subject Leader, Supervision

Class 3 -  Miss Crossley - PE Subject leader/temporary IT   

Class 4 - Mrs H Capstick - Computing Subject Leader

Class 5 - Miss L Horrigan - PE temporary

Class 6 - Mrs J Rigby – Art, Display, Design & Technology Subject Leader 

Class 7 - Mrs A Hartland -  Lower Key Stage 2 Leader, English Subject Leader, Community Cohesion, Student Training and Volunteers 

Class 8 - Miss H Peat Class Teacher-temporary

Class 9 - Mrs C Pollard - Music & MFL Subject Leader

Class 10 - Mr M Wilkinson – Upper Key Stage 2 Leader, Maths Subject Leader Outdoor Curriculum Subject Leader, Gifted and Talented Leader, EVC lead 

Class 11 - Mr D Shackleton - History and Geography Subject Leader




Mrs W Austin – Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Birtwistle – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Braithwaite – School Administration Officer
Mrs P Cardy – Administrative Assistant
Miss M Dean – Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Gledhill – Administrative Assistant

Mrs K Howard- Teaching Assitant 
Mrs T Jarosz – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Maycock – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss S Moss - Teaching Assistant
Miss J Oldfield – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Payne – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Perry – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Pugh – Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J Wilkinson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Searle-Teaching Assistant

Mrs White-Teaching Assistant


Bullough’s – Site Supervisor & Cleaning Staff



Mrs C Abson – Cook in charge
Mrs J O’Sullivan – Assistant Cook
Mrs D Wright – Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Akhtar – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Haworth- Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Birtwistle – Welfare Assistant
Mrs T Jarosz – Senior Welfare Assistant
Miss J Oldfield – Welfare Assistant
Miss M Dean – Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Dobson – Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Wilkinson – Welfare Assistant
Miss G Caine – Welfare Assistant
Ms W Austin – Welfare Assistant
Miss K Bell – Welfare Assistant

Mrs J Pugh - Welfare Assistant

Miss S Moss - Welfare Assistant